About me

I’m Front-end Developer

A UI/UX Designer based in Dubai UAE , I got attracted with website designing at the age of 14. and I started my career as a front-end developer in 2011. I do strongly believe that understanding users are the main key in designing and developing a website if the designer can understand the audience and the experience they are expecting only then your website can satisfy the anxious client waiting for it.

Right now I am spending more time at learning the user experience in varieties of websites like E-commerce websites, Social Medias,blogs, and forums with the user Physiology of colors and memory.

Personal Info

I can speak English and Hindi fluently ,I do like to try new design ideas and concepts in my free time. being a designer its my aim to create fresh and new website/ui.

  • Language English
  • BornFeb 1993
  • Location Dubai
  • Status Single

My Skills

Mainly i am the web designer for my team , but i do enjoy front end development the most.

  • UI/UX Designing
  • Front-end Developement
  • Website Designing
  • Responsive Web Designing
  • Graphic Designing

My Stats

Currently, I am working with one of the top digital/media agency in Dubai-UAE, Having an animator background for two years helped me allot to create more lively and animated websites which are trending in Middles-East.

  • 200+Projects Done
  • 100+ Websites
  • 1000+ Cups of Coffee
  • 750,444+ Lines of codes


Coding has become my passion and the challenges were always there , In front end development new innovations and trends are something happens every day, That really made me anxious and growing to find out new designs and ideas. That anxiety took me here at Dubai.

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Work Experience

Boopin DMCC

From 2015

Boopin is one of the top web designing agency in Dubai, boopin has allot of UI/UX , SEO and web designing specialits .

Rapid WebX


I have done mostly UK projects with rapid and it really helped me to improve my communication and the way of presenting a website design towards the client



Skyresoft were having allot projects concepts , it was a greate oppertunity for me to try and learn new libraries and frameworks like bootstrap,greensock and more



I have done many freelance projects during my annual vacations and free times. it is fun when you have verieties of designings and development ideas to be done.


Diploma In Web Designing

Diploma In 3D Animation

Pre Degree In Commerce

Secondary School

What i am good at

I've Started web designing with HTML and CSS . Today I lead projects that have more interactive, responsive , SEO friendly designs and front-end. It is challenging when the client you deal with has a perfect idea of the design in his mind . So being a designer and developer i have to keep mu self up to date.

  • Wireframeing
  • Website Designing
  • UI/UX Designing
  • Presentations
  • 3D modeling
  • HTML Conversion
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Editting


I am a simple person and you may contact me anytime. If your a web designer or front-end developer here in Dubai and you need any help for understanding new coding standards or workflow.

E-mail mail[at]
WhatsApp +91 999 588-84-98
Phone +971 54449 0084
Skype asmhijas

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